Thursday, 25 June 2009

I gots an award

hey, not updated this in a while and i return to an award from the lovely Jo!!

It's for attitude and grattitude to blogging, "3 cheers for Kreative Kat"

Anywho on the kreative front i have been making signatures for the forumers on Craftbubble *click*

I am at a standstill with the archie bear freebie i'm doing, lots of motivation required however, all my threads have come to start the christmas design so will be starting that soon.

Made a card for a neighbours 40th party: and mum finished the cat i bought her for mothers day!!

Started stitching a coaster present today on coaster one of six however they don't take long to do and maybe could stitch some archie yellow inbetween, hmm

Hope all is well with everyone else.