Sunday, 31 May 2009

I thought i had posted this entry

obviously not,

been in the sunshine, all weekend and i made these:

the top two i designed for my mum and the bottom ones are from me, im hoping maybe i can enter some into competitions, hmm.

lovin' the sunshine, got a really nice tan :D lots of gardening to do tomorrow before the bad weather comes!!

TC Katx

Saturday, 30 May 2009

oh noes

Mum just remembered its my niece and nephews birthdays on the 3rd June, better get cracking with cards from us :D

So the weekend now entails barbecues and card making in the sunshine (hopefully)

just looking for kids images now :D


Friday, 29 May 2009


I'm not able to comment on peoples posts, i think its the catchpa thing, I'm using Firfox, tried using I.E and Opera with the same effect hmm,

is there a Forever Friends challenge blog thing, i can't find one?

I want to participate in some but i have no other designs yet, other than Penny Black & Forever Friends, will see if i can find some freeebies now.

not been in a creative mood today, just relaxed in the garden.

enjoy the weekend and nice weather folks, im hoping to do a couple of barbecues


Thursday, 28 May 2009

Hektikness and Kreativeness!!

What a day thursday has been!!

my pc chair broke so had to order a new one :( the old chair looks much comfier than the new one!!

had to pick up mums prescription, cook dinner, wash pots, put the washing on, put it away. was going to stitch but got hooked to "e4" kept seeing the bland birthday card looking at me saying "be creative with me so i did and heres the result:

im impressed, not as good as piggy one for mum but its nice, now im back to watching e4, tomorrow should be better building chair and playing on my new toy wii fit!!!

Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Football, Flowers and Filming

Just finished watching the Manchester United v Barcelona match, we never had a chance from the beginning, their heart wasn't into playing. didn't seem to care less, no improvement Barcelona were the better team, least we have 4 trophies to show for the season and were runners up, can't grumble really!!

Started stitching another birthday card today, got a good bit done, i'm pleased for a days work:

Todays been a bit busy actually i made homemeade meatballs, which we then had linguine with for tea, very yummy!!

I then started creating characters for a video clip I'm going to design and make my main advertising feature for my site, will be on youtube and google video when its finally done, might even get a break to advertise on television, now that is setting my standards high but i will do my best to achieve my goals!!

Tomorrow i think im going to go to the gym, get rid of some of my excess energy and carry on character designing and stitching, roll on the weekend!!!


Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Homemade pizza is the best!!!

Finished the spring flowers card kit (will be gran's birthday card when i fancied it up!!) Final mounted result:

Also just made home made pizza and it is smelling yummy! more fun than either shoving one in the oven or ordering a take away - you dont get the smell, heres a photo :P

all gone now though!!!


Curently stitching the flower card freebie, nearly finished might finish it today, ran out of green as i used 2 strands instead of one, i dont like using one strand whether its for whole stitches or back stitch lol.

Bought another cross stitch kit of ebay

I'm not going to buy any more kits till i have done at least 3 of my stash, honest i promise!!

Bought more supplies for card making, i think i have everything covered now, will start entering competitions when my stash arrives.

What's everyone upto this week? I'm doing a bit of freelancing for people and if the weathers good doin a barbie at the weekend!!

Take Care,


Monday, 25 May 2009

Competed Cross Stitch designs of '09

Just set up this blog to show of my crafty hands and share my designs and projects, so far i have completed the following this year:

Moving in present for my best friend! Pig bookmark for mum :)

Freebie completed (unsure of use yet) Michael Powells Greek Scene, loved stitching this, took 8 months in total to complete!! Is in pride of place on the fireplace next to the P.C

I started card making from the major inspiration from and this is my first handmade card for my mum, just a general card, she loves it, she is a major pig lover!!!

I wonder what creations the next six months will bring ....

I think you should watch this space!!!