Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Football, Flowers and Filming

Just finished watching the Manchester United v Barcelona match, we never had a chance from the beginning, their heart wasn't into playing. didn't seem to care less, no improvement Barcelona were the better team, least we have 4 trophies to show for the season and were runners up, can't grumble really!!

Started stitching another birthday card today, got a good bit done, i'm pleased for a days work:

Todays been a bit busy actually i made homemeade meatballs, which we then had linguine with for tea, very yummy!!

I then started creating characters for a video clip I'm going to design and make my main advertising feature for my site, will be on youtube and google video when its finally done, might even get a break to advertise on television, now that is setting my standards high but i will do my best to achieve my goals!!

Tomorrow i think im going to go to the gym, get rid of some of my excess energy and carry on character designing and stitching, roll on the weekend!!!