Sunday, 28 June 2009

Bits and bobs

Been a busy bee again, stitched a coaster and made a card for a friends birthday this week, and helped mum with the backstitching of her tapestry, been watching the tennis and stitching, and making sigs for people on craftbubble, need to add them to my site portfolio this week,

started backing up files for formatting my pc, however the cd drive decided to pack in, so tomorrow going to return it and see if they will replace it, i bought it in december last year (my drives last a year then break so 6 months is new to me) hope i get a replacement or can add a few quid to get a lightscribe one, they will save me loads of hassle and print onto the cd in the drive, they sound good so fingers crossed.

writing away for a notebook from craftbubble tomorrow, since i have started card making i am making last minute cards where in a free notebook i can plan ahead and be on schedule.

Finished one coaster today, on coaster one of five.

Heres the pics of completion :D


Hope everyone else is okay :D