Sunday, 12 August 2012

On a mission.

I have been and still am looking for furniture and storage to turn a room into a craft room!

I have been looking on freecycle and the like for a table and chairs and shelving units and other storage for a while now without any luck.

This next week I am determined to have made a start. I did at one point use the room as a craft room, then mum wanted it so got rid of the table and now she doesn't and i'm table less.

I do have a chest of drawers I need to free up and in time have everything at easy access/on display!

Car boots would be a good place to look but I don't have any transport!

At the moment the majority of my craft stuff is downstairs on a book case which I want free from craft stuff for more books! 

Craft Room shopping list:

  • Shelfing unit/Bookcase(s)
  • Storage Boxes
  • Table/Desk and Chair

Next weeks plans are to look around for the above and decorate the craft room to be!