Saturday, 19 December 2009

What will 2010 bring for you??

just a lil update before crap '09 is out, for all i can its gone for good, nothing particularly good has happened to me a few surprises here and there but thats it, 2010 for me will bring:
  • me becoming ever so closer to a quarter of a century.
  • a new, new years resolution as i actually stuck to this years planned resolution, thus being learn something new (i did, cardmaking), this years resolution is to be more active. maybe not cuutting out my eating habbits yet just need motivation for exercise, i had this as my '08 resolution and nothing happened so after this years resolution sucess i start being more active, if you talk to me on a regular basis please say things along the line as "how many times have you been to the gym this week"
  • a job should be on the cards surely? i'm doing enough applying, give me a job already!!
  • i have tickets for a gig in york in april
  • i have a friends themed birthday night out in the diary!!
speaking of 2010, look at these i have made!! 

Have a very merry christmas and a better 2010, followers!!


I Want Candy!!

check out these bad boys for candy!!

be a nice christmas present!!